iVictrola iPod Amplifier: Get back into the groove with a new twist

Posted in Interior//Design, Lifestyle by ferilli on January 14, 2010

You might think that the gramophone died with Nipper the dog, but it’s remarkable to see something of a bygone era relive through the blitz of technology. The iVictrola iPod amplifier created and designed by Matt Richmond might appear to be an old-fashioned object that brings back the memories of a bygone era however, is an extremely convenient gadget of the iPod age. What looks like an antique at the first sight can play your iPod without using batteries or an electrical plug or a solar panel for that matter, but the device runs on an acoustic amplification based on its simple and smart engineering. Handcrafted from recycled walnut pieces from the high-end furniture, the horn is made from metal that actually maximizes the amplification to keep you grooving. Expected to be a limited edition device, the iVictrola iPod amplifier will be priced somewhere near $400 and will be available soon at Design Without Reach.


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