RED SEAL by Replay

Posted in Style by ferilli on March 26, 2010

The new superior denim line

RED SEAL is the new superior denim line for men which is destined to become a cult. It has been designed by Replay for those who really know and love quality denim. This major new project focuses on the interpretation and evolution of denim and its origins. It pays tribute to the far-sightedness of Replay founder Claudio Buziol, who, during journeys to the Far East in the 1980s, first recognised the uniqueness and great potential of Japanese cloths. They are still the quintessential denim and represent the height of quality.

The denim products in the RED SEAL line are made with extremely fine Japanese cloths only, woven on Japanese looms by some of the most respected and long-established companies in the sector. Every single denim item is strictly Made in Italy and finished by hand using traditional methods. The techniques include the most sophisticated and sought after in the sector, such as 3D mannequin drying, soda washing, pumice stone scratching, darns, dirtying obtained using brushed-on colour applications, patches, bleaching, resin finishes and sanding. These are all procedures which require an extended processing time as well as in-depth knowledge of the product and its endless potential. They are carried out garment by garment, making each one totally unique.

The first RED SEAL series recreates one of the classic Replay models in a super premium style: the five-pocket featuring a regular fit, straight leg and low rise. These pants are enhanced with fine details, which true connoisseurs will instantly recognise and appreciate, such as visible selvedge on one of the front belt loops and along the leg. Visible selvedge is also used on the right back pocket, also personalised by an horizontal red-line embroidery.

A red enamel rivet on the side pocket is the line’s distinctive seal. The first RED SEAL range is offered in twelve amazing washes, each and every one producing a vintage effect, from destroyed to medium and raw. All the options feature special treatments and share a bold personality, typical of original denim but reinterpreted with an eye on the future and a distinct tailored look.

The RED SEAL premium denim capsule collection will be on sale starting from Autumn 2010 in few exclusive and selected points of sale.

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