Resistance by Kristel Lodema

Posted in Photography by ferilli on March 11, 2011

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H.O.P.E. By Christian Stoll

Posted in Photography by ferilli on February 14, 2011

Anamorphic set design. No retouching. The series was published in Pricewaterhouse Coopers – Magazine.

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Crossing Queensboro Bridge – NYC by Matt Mawson

Posted in Photography by ferilli on January 26, 2011

Photography by Stanko Abadžic

Posted in Photography by ferilli on January 26, 2011

Croatia-born photographer Stanko Abadžic finds beauty in simple moments. Shot in black and white, his street photography is characterized by strong contrasts of light and dark, his attention to geographic forms and his eye for long shadows.

Photography by Andrew Smith

Posted in Photography by ferilli on January 26, 2011

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Bianca Balti

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The Michael Hill Clubhouse by Patterson Associates

Posted in Architecture by ferilli on January 8, 2011

Patterson Associates designed the Michael Hill Clubhouse in Arrowtown, New Zealand.

East By Ross Brown

Posted in Photography by ferilli on January 6, 2011

Born in New Zealand in 1969, Ross knew from the age of 13 that he wanted to be a Photographer. He has been single mindedly pursuing Photography as a career, and way of life, ever since.

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Zaggmate iPad case and keyboard

Posted in Lifestyle by ferilli on January 6, 2011


Also something that would come in handy on the airplane, your desk or your bed.

The Ipad´s digital on-screen keyboard is a great advance in technology, but sometimes can leave something to be desired, especially if you have to write a long text. With that in mind “Zagg” have created the “Zaggmate keyboard”, not only is it a portable keyboard but also a very sleek protective case. It has a very nice chrome Ipad-like finish to it.



Posted in Architecture by ferilli on January 5, 2011

Designed by architect Antonio Zavinovic, this beautiful dream home is nestled at the base of the Table Mountain, in Cape Town, South Africa. The house is in perfect harmony with it´s surroundings, it has a modern design and is set in the middle of a beautiful landscape of naturally preserved land.

Lonneke Engel

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Posted in Motorcycles by ferilli on January 5, 2011

This vintage looking machine is a Yamaha XS650 custom, a creation of Virginia-based John Ryland, he runs a website named “classified moto“, you check out some of is other classy bikes on there.

Blackbox Case

Posted in Style by ferilli on January 5, 2011

As you might have noticed, I’m always browsing the web for the next best laptop case to carry my beloved MacBook with me..So here’s another one I really like.

Blackbox Case is a company based in Colorado, they produce this beautiful wodden hand made cases. They fit both the 13″ and 15″ Macbook pros. Each case is made from solid red oak hardwood and features a numbered leather strap. The case is very resistant and surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 1.5 pounds. When purchasing your Blackbox Case 15% goes to charity.

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The Pulse Urban Bike

Posted in Cycles by ferilli on January 5, 2011

The Pulse Urban Bike is a creation by seatle designers TEAGUE, its a innovative urban bike concept formed to meet all the standard necessities of bike commute. It features electric turn signals, located both on the edge of each handle and at the rear indicator light, that can be controlled form the handlebars and a glowing frame that lights up when the rider needs it.

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Alyssa Miller

Posted in Women by ferilli on January 5, 2011

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Ipad app interface by Jonas Eriksson

Posted in Lifestyle by ferilli on January 4, 2011

Wonderful iPad App Interaction Design by Jonas Eriksson, a Designer from Sweden. I have no clue where to find this “app”, but I love the look of it.

Lant Street / Dow Jones Architects

Posted in Architecture by ferilli on January 4, 2011

A great factory reconversion by British practice Dow Jones Architects with a great mixture of brick, wood and concrete.

BR House / Marcio Kogan

Posted in Architecture by ferilli on January 4, 2011

In terms of an architectural proposition, the BR House located in the countryside could not be more intriguing: situated within the dense and impressive Rain Forest, circumscribing and penetrating the area, dominates all senses. The circumstances, from the inception, forces fundamental questions for architecture: how can architecture present itself and, if making itself present, how can it deliberately show itself as construction? A chalet or any other mimicry of puristic architecture, comfortably absorbed by the landscape, is a banal dissembling response; a denial of the confrontation which would deprive the traces of the radicalness and vigor arising from this contrast.



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Posted in Cars by ferilli on January 4, 2011

Great Quattro Concept by Audi, a Company from Germany.


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Stumbled upon..

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Swedish house designed by John Robert Nilsson

Posted in Architecture by ferilli on January 4, 2011

This 250 square meter dream home is designed by architect John Robert Nilsson near a lake in Sweden. It features truly amazing views of this lake as from terrace as from inside of the house. Simple shapes, clean lines are things that characterize its design. Very few materials were used in its construction. Limestone, silvery white ash, matte white painted walls and ceilings characterize the house from the inside. The exterior is done in brown with black puff, tar paper, steel and lots of dark colors. The contrast of the interior and the exterior is easily noticeable thanks to clean rooms with large glazed walls.

Marcos Mantis XP

Posted in Cars by ferilli on January 4, 2011

The 1968 Marcos Mantis XP looked quite out-of-place at its debut during the Spa 24 Hours race in Belgium.  Flanked by the curvy Fords, Porsches and Ferraris of the late 60s, this odd and angular beast represented the hopes of a British boutique manufacturer who was fighting for footing in the performance car market.  The Mantis XP failed the Spa race due to electrical problems, and has been shelved since then until its recent resurrection by a careful restoration in California.  The 1968 Marcos Mantis XP is truly one-of-a-kind, and its strange styling makes it one of the most visually striking automobiles we’ve seen in 2010.

The late 1960s represented a special time in the world of automobiles.  This was the time of Ford GT40, the time of the Speed Racer saga, when a dual focus on futurism and muscle were prevalent in performance vehicles.  The Marcos Mantis XP fit this formula well, as its future-forward design and muscle-heavy heartbeat earned it a debut on the world championship racing circuit.  It was powered by a mid-mounted BRM-Repco V8 Formula 1 engine, whose cylinders rose into the clear-covered engine compartment in the rear of the vehicle.  This powertrain was enough to compete with the world’s top race cars, despite the electrical problems which sidelined it at the Spa 1000km.

For 1968, the design of the Marcos Mantis XP was breathtaking, if not unconventional, and it remains so today.  Its plexiglass cabin and engine compartment are its signature feature, a design trait that give the Mantis its futuristic appeal.  The vertical plexiglass doors swing upward and a small window slides forward for a bit of fresh air.  The front and rear ends also open upward, giving it a look that this Mantis is shedding a layer of skin.  The body design is at once angular and curvy, with a chopped rear end and curvy front fenders that give it an aggressive appearance.

While the Marcos car brand is no longer in business, the Marcos Mantis XP is seeing new life on the vintage exhibition circuit.  It has been restored to its original glory and looks as stunning today as it did in 1968.  While the vehicle itself may represent a dream that never saw fulfillment, its re-birth today may provide a second chance for its legacy just 40 years late…


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New Zealand by Tom Blachford

Posted in Photography by ferilli on January 4, 2011

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Carbon Black ‘In The Flesh’ by JKB Fletcher

Posted in Art by ferilli on January 4, 2011


Rainer Spehl Wooden Laptop Cases

Posted in Style by ferilli on January 4, 2011

German engineering brings us this series of wooden laptop cases from Rainer Spehl made from solid oak and veneer with brown leather lining. “This solid wooden case fits your laptop like a glove and offers proper protection. Inside, the soft leather lining prevents the laptop from scratching. A magnetic device locks it smoothly and the construction of the case makes sure it does not fall out even when held upside down.”

Limited Edition Tricycle by James Perse

Posted in Cycles by ferilli on January 4, 2011

The James Perse Tricycle is a 1970’s inspired design. Custom made with an extra low profile. Construction made with heavy duty steel and powder coated for superior chip resistance. Attached deck is made of teak wood.

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Williams Studio by GH3

Posted in Architecture by ferilli on November 23, 2010

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Baxter Of California “Not A Replica” Cut Throat Razor

Posted in Style by ferilli on November 23, 2010

Baxter continues to celebrate their 45th with a new razor featuring Hart steel blade and a Makr sleeev. “The Hart Steel blade is predominately a hand made product, and all of the processes are completed in Northern Michigan by skilled artisans…Genuine Shell Cordovan is the art of tanning at its finest.  More than just a color, it’s a very specific leather, from a particular part of a horsehide.  The irregular oval shaped shells are tanned, stuffed, shaved, and then polished. This is a legit item so play nice.

1 – Amsterdam

Posted in Style by ferilli on November 10, 2010

Our new shop we opened in Amsterdam where we sell brands like; Barbour, Gitman Bros. Vintage, Yuketen, Red Seal, Mark McNairy New Amsterdam, John Smedley, Mona Di Orio, S.B.U., Filson, Tricker’s, Filling Pieces. Ect.

Swing by if your in the neighborhood . Cornelis Scuytstraat 19.

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Bruce Lee playing PingPong

Posted in Random by ferilli on October 7, 2010